a person who freaks out when a little spelling mistake has occured or has be a constant little asshole about it.
person a: here's my thesis for the pythagoream theorem

by Tim June 17, 2005
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1)A person who is usually educated but can't stand spelling errors. Especially common ones
2) Someone who doesn't get the joke from the BustedTees.com shirt saying "Your retarded"
1) My English teacher isn't a spelling nazi. She spelled "English" wrong.

2) Melissa Peach: *reads shirt* Your retarded what?
Me: You don't get it?
Melissa Peach: That's not right.
Me: *shakes head and murmurs* You're retarded.
by Encycl07pedia October 3, 2006
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In essence, in a chatroom context, a person who insists on rectifying the spelling errors of anyone by rephrasing the said line accordingly. To remain faithful to their cause, they must invariably make no spelling mistakes whatsoever of their own, otherwise he/she is engaging in hypocrisy, in turn, looking like an oblivious dumbass. Further, they justify their cause by asserting that the victims' spelling is "imposible" to read.

What the prick fails to realise is how needless his/her cause really is, seeing as he/she is perfectly capable of construing the sentence containing the spelling errors sufficiently to be able to rephrase it suitably. Ultimately, he/she incurs embarrassment and looks like a total douchebag, as a result.
Random chatroom: Aimee(5) = Spelling nazi. vicki cee(4) = Victim

Aimee(5) (Says to vicki cee(4)) i think you mean 'and I can spell'
vicki cee(4) (Says to Aimee(5)) no a ment a can spell
Aimee(5) *No i meant i can spell

*5 minutes later *

vicki cee(4) (Says to Aimee(5)) wot u have got agent me newayz
Aimee(5) (Says to vicki cee(4)) "wot u have got agent me newayz" .yeah makes no SENCE

by Joey Moore January 10, 2007
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people that care more about the spelling of words and correcting them then what the words mean.
even if everyone reading if can understand it just fine!

they love the feeling of superiority that comes from correcting other people.

an older name for the spelling nazi and one we still use to this day but to a lesser extent is : SMUG.

some chronic conditions have been recorded when the subjects tried to fix 1337...
johnny: OMG my teacher just ripped a students ears of, she gona get arrested!!!

spelling nazi: by "of" i`m guessing you meant off and by "gona" i think you meant: probably going to.
and you not black dude so stop trying to sound like a nigger!
by kalixxx December 11, 2011
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A person who annoyingly fixes the spelling of people when someone is speaking a different language.
"I have to fag."
"There is a mark there, it's fàg not fag."
"Shut up, spelling nazi."
by Tails February 5, 2004
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Someone who can't let even simple spelling mistakes go
man: hello three
man #2: you mean "there"
man: you're a spelling nazi
by Kenzyywastaken April 4, 2021
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Someone who insists that one spells a band name or song title the way the band spells it despite the fact that the band name or song title is not even spelled correctly to begin with.
Fred posts the following status on Facebook, "Fallout Boy is the worst band ever!"
Brandi comments, "It's spelled Fall Out Boy and they are the best band ever!"
Fred comments, "You Emo Spelling Nazi, they don't even spell their own name right. It really should be 'Fallout Boy.'"
Brandi comments, "Fall Out Boy is NOT an Emo band."
by fredautonom April 3, 2015
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