12 definitions by fredautonom

When you get heartburn and gas at the same time.
I shouldn't have had that chicken. Now I got the Hartz.
by fredautonom April 12, 2015
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A report about cronyism published by ALEC.
I looked up irony in the dictionary and found a link to a report on cronyism by ALEC.
by fredautonom April 26, 2017
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A political candidate that is so far from being mainstream it is not even funny. They, in fact, are the opposite of mainstream. Some might even say he or she is an extremist.
The Mississippi Libertarian Party says they want to be more mainstream. I said good, that must mean they are going to stop flirting with Chris McDaniel.
by fredautonom April 03, 2015
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An uncontrollable urge to make games, art, stories, and other such nonsense on Scratch, MIT's very basic online programming community.
He stays up all night working on making math games on Scratch. I think he's got Scratch Cat Fever.
by fredautonom February 21, 2015
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A mosh pit for people who care about important issues.
Steve: Hey, did you go to that protest?

Joe: Yeah man, it was intense.
by fredautonom April 14, 2015
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Something government officials ignore whenever they are inconvenient.
Billy thought he had a right to free speech until he was dumb enough to actually try it.
by fredautonom February 27, 2015
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A public relations scheme concocted by government officials to trick the public into giving the government power over their lives. These are discarded and ignored the second they become inconvenient to the government institution.
To convince the colonies to ratify the constitution, they added a Bill of Rights. At the earliest convenience, these rights were immediately trampled on, discarded, and ignored. The Bill of Rights exists today as a set of things to have students memorize in civics class, but not entirely understand, and for lawyers to use to make arguments that are then ignored by judges. Any other applications of rights, such as deterring Draconian legislation, are nonexistent.
by fredautonom March 15, 2015
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