A way of making the government yet more money, cynically disguised as a way of stopping accidents. As with most of this government's ways of conning the public, anyone with an IQ of over 15 can work out it's just a con. Often speeding signs are not clearly visible (my mother was caught out like this), and in Luton a couple of years ago there were ten (!) police officers standing on a roadside stopping cars at random in the hope that one of the drivers might not have insurance or an up-to-date tax disc. Given the crime rate in Luton, is anyone out there seriously going to tell me they had nothing better to do? But back to the point. I'm not in favour of speeding (I saw a lunatic using a housing estate as a race track), but 5% of accidents are due to speeding. Speed cameras can't stop people driving like they're on the dodgems. And now people are having to keep a constant eye on their speed-o-meters, thus are distracted from the road ahead. Nice one, New Labour.
In court this morning a man was fined £200 and 18 months loss of license after being caught speeding by one of the speed cameras. In the next court-room a man was let off with a warning for GBH.
by Stormsworder October 16, 2006
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Revenue Raiser.

see gatso

If you see a speed camera catching motorists travelling the opposite way to you, flash your hi-beam. Thats what we do here in Australia.
"Those speed cameras raise millions of dollars of revenue for the government each year!"
by Zoe February 21, 2005
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An instrument used to capture pictures of speeding motorists by using sensors on the road surface.
Hey Aziz, i shot the lense of that fucking speed camera so i can drive by it fast to make it flash!
by Mohamed Asistobazimi March 20, 2004
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1. A politically correct form of government tax.

2. A device located at a statistically safe location, but where the 85th percentile road speed is more than the legally posted speed limit.

3. A device that is used to automate a portion of busy police officers' work. So they have more time to eat doughnuts.
"If we put up another tax, the people will have a fit"
"That's OK, just put up another speed camera"
by jt July 13, 2003
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