grevious bodily harm
He was lucky he wasn't done for murder, but he had a sharp brief who even got him off the gbh charge.
by Bill Cranny December 17, 2003
"Babe I don't feel so well"

"Awwww. Would you like a GBH ?"

"That would be great! Love you!"
by Music_Queen January 3, 2016
A four-piece punk rock band. Not to be confused with wordghb/word.
by Andrew M. August 27, 2003
stands for "Great Big Hug"
My mom likes to make up her own acronyms for texting that no one understands. Her favorite to end texts with is GBH.
by July 29, 2018
Gamma hydroxybutric acid (from grievious bodily harm, used to describe it's possible effects)
He was caught with a shitload of GBH.
by Light Joker June 22, 2007
Grevious Bodily Harmison- The name given to Steve Harmison, Englands premier fast bowler for his ability to beat the hell out of opposing batsmen
GBH nails another Aussie with a rib tickler
by umpirestrikesback June 17, 2005