Intelligent, funny, charming, but most of all drop dead gorgeous and sexy.. An aziz is someone who you can easily click with and appreciate the fact that you've met.. He's the best friend, loyal and always puts his loved ones before him.. When it comes to women he is extremely erotic and seductive, aziz will rock your world in bed.. Everything an aziz does is perfect except for being too protective and curious at times
If you were an aziz I'd bone you

I wish I had aziz in my life

Stop azizing me you're making me blush
by knowitalljessica May 2, 2011
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The best friend anyone could ask for. Even tough he might sometimes be annoying or obnoxious, he still means the best. He's not in the best physical shape but he tries his best, he's always there to support you in the worst of times. He's extremely loyal but doesn't know how to show his emotions, but trust him because he'll always be there for you. He may lie about his emotions and may not know how to show his affection but you show him and trust him cause he'll find a way to repay it.
Man I wish Aziz was here, I fell sad right now and I really need his boost.
by ShrekReaper October 25, 2019
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Someone who is absolutely the most handsome man in the world.
OMG! look at Aziz ;)
by TheUrbanDictionaryCEO March 26, 2019
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Pinnacle of perfection, a man who has no limits in physical or mental abilities, and everyone wishes they could suck the goofy out of for even just a teeny tiny 1/4 of a nanosecond.
Omg did you guys see how sexy he was? He looked like an Aziz
by Blank7904 January 25, 2019
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amazing hot dude iv been crushing on for years
girl one"Ow look at him,"

girl two "Ugh he's not nearly as hot, deep and charming as Aziz"
by madisson213 June 22, 2010
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orgins of name aziz: meaning "Turing into pigeon" or "guy named Michael" haha shurmia ur emporer is a pigeon XD 200cs 10 minutes aziz hack. A derogatory name used to refrence to azir (from league of legends) players.
by Aziz player friend June 13, 2022
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A bald Asian that looks like Buddha he hates it when people make fun of him because he looks Chinese
Look at Buddha (Aziz) he’s bald.
by Are you kidding me January 3, 2018
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