"dude you're getting a P4??? what a waste of money... too bad u didnt get an athlon"
by amd>intel December 26, 2003
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Latest chip from Intel
I just spent 500$ on my p4... and my car payment is due... phuck it, i'll walk to work... it's worth the pr0n
by bobbacringo December 15, 2003
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PlayStation 4 the greatest gaming console known to earth after ps3
P4 or p3 which one ? Idk I like ps3 better tho
by Luciferofficial March 12, 2021
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Pentium 4. Intels latest CPU chip. Based on the NetBurst architecture, this CPU has an extremely long pipeline so it can reach very hight clock speeds. Speeds started at 1.4 GHz at introduction and are now at 3.8 GHz. The chip has gone through 3 major revisions in chronological order: Willamette, Northwood and Prescott.

Fairly quick, but not as quick as its GHz rating would suggest. Runs very hot due to its extreme clock speed.
From the honest PC salesman: The Athlon 64 running at 2.4 GHz is faster than the P4 at 3.2 GHz in most programs. The Athlon puts out much less heat too.
by Andrew Kwiecinski March 30, 2005
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A loser that spends 7 years not talking in an attempt to make friends. A P4 Alana will often fail at most things in life as they are not that intelligent. However, despite what some people think they are quite normal.
by buzzfeedislyfe776 May 30, 2019
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A group of four teenagers living in Little Rock, Arkansas going under the names: "Misses Bleeding Vagina", "J to the Cub", "Pimpin' P", and "Two Hit Tara" that represent the four seperate evils of adolescence; porn, cigarettes, weed, and booze. They are rather infamous amongst locals. Their known hangout is Waffle House.
"You logger blogger, you totally got owned by the P4S at Waffle House the other day by letting Two Hit Tara shank you and put her cigarette out on your forehead."
by mrssmokeypoo August 8, 2005
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Final Fantasy XIV Definition:

Pandæmonium Raids (p) - 4th turn (4)

in that case:

"Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle"
A: "Hey dood we need one more person to run p4 with us, want in?"

B: "Sure, invite me"
by WolfWyvern February 4, 2022
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