Basicaly to have fun partying and not giving a shit who's watching you and what they think.
Corey doesnt care what people think of him and tends to rock out with his cock out.

Just have fun and rock out with your cock out.
by theamazing! January 31, 2010
To party hard without regard for consequences.
Fuck it dude, life is short, rock out with your cock out.

In the TV show metalocalypse the bassist would literally rock out with his cock out, even going as far as playing with his cock.
by letdagoodxroll March 28, 2010
what Britney Spears likes to scream out randomly in the middle of concerts during her 2009 Circus tour
"Drive safe, don't smoke weed, rock out with your cock out. Peace out muthafuckas!"
by ilovetbag April 14, 2009
Rock Out With Your Cock Out is also used on the Gay side as well.

1)To literally expose your cock at a Gay men's party in hopes of getting a blowjob from another Gay guy.

2)To flex yourself naked as Gay men oogle and admire your cock in order to get their mouths to water and crave for it to go in their mouths.

3)To expose your cock and dare a guy you think and/or know is Gay to suck it.

Here are a few Rock Out With Your Cock Out Gay styled examples.

I was dared by a friend to suck his cock and I took it and did it.I also swallowed his cum.I'd do it again if dared again to do it.It's more fun to suck cock.I have also been told by the guys that I've sucked off that I am better than a chick.

I've been at parties like those described above.They're fun.

Not only that,there are more Gay male cocksuckers than there are Straight female cocksuckers.Most Straight females would not even think of sucking another guy's cock.
by NYCNY November 14, 2007
a ribald head turning practice where a guy flashes his ding dong to other people for amuzement, disruptive intent, to get attention or just a plain and simple gesture of defiance, contempt and rebellion. The left hand is on the willie and the right one can flip a bird, give a V or some other fuck you gesture. Sneering is optional.
1. I saw on PBS a miniseries about the history of rock'n'roll. On the episode about proto-punk there was a show by the Stooges. Iggy Pop reached into his short silver pants and stunned the audience by exposing his sex pistol and doing the rattlesnake shake. He was rocking out with his cock out.

2. the outgoing governor of Florida worked feverishly to give a pardon to Doors frontman Jim Morrison for rocking out with his cock out during a gig sometime during 1969 - 1971. The pardon was granted.

3. On the track "Rock Out" on the 2008 Motorhead CD "Motorizer" Lemmy exhorts you to impress your lady friends by rocking out with your cock out.

4. Trent got busted by the cops when he flashed his weenie at every neighbor who was home. He said to each of them, "This spud's for you" and walked on by. Not everybody wants you to rock out with your cock out.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice August 31, 2011
when listening to hard rock while performing sexual intercourse with ones partner, the male will disengage, assume a rock start position (for example take a knee), and proceed to play his penis as if it were a guitar during a solo; the same may be done for the opposite sex if her clitoris is longer than two inches in length
"Dude, last night while bangin' my girl a wicked guitar solo came on the radio!"

"Aw man, did you rock out with your cock out?"
by Noidsifsif August 31, 2008