1) The sound of someone being hit in the face, or over the head, with a shovel. Onomatapoeic.

2) The act of doing this - hence spanging, spanged, spanger.
"'E was like, "Your bird's a right munter!", but I've got me shovel 'andy, so I goes SPANG! Right in the chops. Wicked."
by Him. July 02, 2004
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A kind of ringing, clashing noise made by hitting metal objects.
I hit this guy with a frying pan. It went SPANG!
by Rankin June 15, 2004
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1) n. The sound of someone being hit in the face by a spade. v. the act of doing this.

2) n. Someone whose natural features are disfigured and contorted such that they resemble a person that has been spanged, either as a result of spanging or through poor genetic inheritance.
Dude, I know you were so absolutely munted that even Margaret Thatcher would've seemed hot, but jeez, how could you? She was a total spang! I mean, like, I'd rather ravish your mother a thousand times than even contemplate what you did last night ...
by The Filthy One June 02, 2005
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the taste of a womans sex organ (cross between spunk and tang)
cristines vagina has a sweet spang
by mike February 12, 2004
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1) To ejaculate semen inside a female anus. (verb)

2) Said semen, when ejaculated inside a female anus. (noun)
Steve spanged (1) some spang (2) all up inside Heather's ass.
by Psychobenzaprine December 02, 2006
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Female genitalia.

This particular synonym appears to originate in a UK car magazine called Redline, where they issues naked top trump cars censored with the word 'spang'.
Cup size?

32C, but my card has a spang and yours doesn't.
by Someone else March 23, 2005
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A drink, consisting of Spam and Tang, endemic to Salt Lake City. It is most commonly -- although still infrequently -- consumed by teenagers.
I'm really parched... anybody got a fresh batch of spang. It's been far too long since I tasted its sweet meatiness.
by ajl31 May 26, 2007
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