teenagers/young adults (who are perfectly capable of getting jobs) who stand in front of 7-11 and ask people for spare change so they can travel around the country on tour with some crappy jam band

combo of "spare changer"
"I can't even walk down the damn street without those fucking spangers begging me for my last quarter!"
by lulu98 December 28, 2005
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adj. Meaning "brilliant". Invented when drunk to describe oneself.
"You alright mate?"
"Yer mate I'm spanger."
by Robbie Sutton & Ryan O'Donovan February 24, 2005
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N. an accidental fool, a term used to tease a person that has made a mistake. a less provocative word as substitute for wanker
origin. wanker, spanker, wanger
pronounced. spang-er (ryhmes with tang-er)
someone purchases a packet of rice crisps when asked to buy potato chips... you "spanger"
by suffer me no more January 22, 2008
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Someone (a cunt) who is a huge pain in the ass but doesn't really mean to be one, althou they cant help it they were born that way.
Spanger - " Can i get more of my vocals in the foldback on stage please, i cant hear myself"

Sound guy 1 - " Is that guy serious, he is standing 20m in front of the stage. How the fuck is he going to hear himself from on stage anyway."

Sound Guy 2 - He's a Spanger, he can do anything.

Sond Guy 1- " Fucking Spangers"
by Darkest March 1, 2010
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Is to be said to someone who is offensive to your girlfrend.
meaning that they are a fucking douche, and have no friends,they are adopted, look like their michael jakcson, and will be strung up by their own balls in a room with Tony Blair.
this is classed as one of the most offnsive things that can be said in your girlfriends defense.
your so fucking gay you little spanger
by chimpy+dafugi December 22, 2006
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A person(usu. a homeless person or young adult) who asks people for spare change for drugs,alcohol,cigarettes,etc...
The spanger stood infront of Wal-Mart and asked for change.
by Tarzan Trent February 9, 2006
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Combination of the words "Space" and "Ranger". Originally from an edit of the original Toy Story.
"I think the word you're searching for is 'spanger.'"
by blue_jay_way October 29, 2020
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