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1. remenants of making orenge juce
2. remenants of beating the crap out of some shit-head from the KKK
1. I love pulp
2. Dude me and my brothes trashed that KKK clan into pulp
by Someone else June 12, 2003
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To advertise/endorse/support something heavily, usually to an irrational extent.

Examples being when people back something so much (style of martial arts, sports team) that they have to bring it up whenever possible and tell everybody how it's the best.
Stop being such a BJJ nutrider.

You nutriders won't accept anyone else's opinions.
by Someone else March 23, 2005
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We played with the ram before putting it into the computer, hoping we wouldn't statically damage the ($$$) chips. (See ESD)
by Someone else October 15, 2002
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Roughly equates to "so what". Can also mean absolutely nothing, depending on the context.

Context usually found in England, or at least London, is during the build-up to a fight in order to start something.
And what? You startin? And what?
by Someone else March 23, 2005
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Surname of Isambaard Kingdom Brunel, a British engineer.

Also the name of a University in West London, England. (named after the above)
Brunel was responsible for some of the greatest engineering acheivements of the last 1000 years.
by Someone else March 23, 2005
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General Motors, one of the biggest companies in the automotive industry, owns many brands marketed in both US and overseas, including Chevy, Cadillac, Pontiac, Holden, Opel, Vauxhall, etc. A lot of Americans say that the GM cars there suck, but the main GM brand here in Australia, Holden is actually very good, their cars are fast, reliable, safe and comfortable.
This morning i went for a drive in my Holden Commodore, manufactured by GM in Australia
by Someone else April 30, 2005
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