Intrusive e-mail attacks by internet swindlers.
"Most AOL (America On-Line Subscribers) are stupid and gullible, so AOL sells their addresses to spam scammers. Only an idiot would fall for these schemes."
by j e walker April 28, 2003
A replacement of ground pig entrails and body parts with the entrails and body parts of a domesticated farm animal of another species not in accordance with SPAM(tm) or USDA specifications.
Oy vey, I should have known it was a spam scam at those prices and the "Product of Saudi Arabia" written on the lable.
by harry flashman July 20, 2003
The act of spamming and scamming blog followers and audience members of any site you join. Usually done by top-level mods who know your email address. You usually receive dating site membership junk, and any credit card used is and could be used again without your permission to sign you up to stuff or buy themselves junk without you knowing that they are the ones using them.
The twitch streamer known as OMGitsfirefoxx cleverly uses her mod privileges to spam and scam her followers.
by 3KarasakiAI November 2, 2017
a scam ad that you see a lot
Look at all this scam-spam I find on this damn dictionary website. I don't want to put rubber bands around my doors!
by ♥🗺☠ May 20, 2021
Unsolicited spam email that asks for personal information such as social security number, credit card numbers, account passwords, and the like in order to scam the recipient.
(See also spam scam.)
A HotMail account is just a magnet for all kinds of scam spam.
by Loadmaster May 2, 2005
1. A deceitful spam e-mail whose sender is clearly meant to cheat you out of money and waste your time.

2. A deceitful e-mail that is clearly meant to steal your identity and empty your bank account.
1.I got another one of those Nigerian e-mails again promising me millions of dollars if I would stand in for the next of kin. Come on, that is such a scam spam.

2. My friend got a Job Opportunity spam from China if only I would send my name, phone, addresses, bank account number and a picture of himself.
If that isn't a scam spam, I don't know what is.
by Astor G. November 5, 2007