A Label printer in a skateboard shop. Western Canada Slang
"Can you print me some more LAble's"

"Send it"

"To the LABLE printer"
by Jpuc June 10, 2009
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Similar to pwn pwn for own and l33t for elite, lable is the computer geeks misspelling for label. This is normally only done by true bucket head.
Why did you leave the lable sheets in the printer when I am trying to print the passwords to our internet security package on it so everyone can see it.
by JusticeDog October 25, 2007
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1. One who constantly wears big lables,(i.e. Gucci, Versaci, etc)but wears them in slutty or vulgar ways.

2. Used to describe this one girl on the Style Network's show "How Do I Look"
Girl 1: You are such a lable whore....

Girl 2: What?... Its my ultra mini Gucci dress!
by ashley_loves_music February 27, 2006
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