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When one turns his headlights off, while turning his interior lights on full blast. This lights up the interior, leaving the exterior unnoticable and at high speeds the "mysterious" light in the car resembles a UFO to passing motorists.
"Did you see that UFO flyin down the freeway!!!?????"
"Naw that was just someone spaceshipping..."
by Spaceshipper October 28, 2006
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NASA has a vigorous training program. Many routine activities are rehearsed here on earth to make sure they are done properly in a weightless environment. In space they use a vacuum suction toilet to help remove excrement from the bowels. Here on earth they have a practice facility that simulates the feeling of a space bowel movement to train the colon for interstellar missions. The training involves a patriot volunteer with strong lungs that can create superior tidal velocity as they cusp the rectal opening with their lips. This simulation is the most realistic training of the use of such hi-tech facilities.
"Hey I just ate a 4 pound burrito and it didn't settle right. Wanna go Space shipping?"
by Brad McBro June 17, 2016
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It's when you tongue somebody’s ear for a prolonged period of time. Its called spaceshipping because the tongue looks quite like a spaceship and when its in your ear it can make that swooshing noise that spaceships can make (in films) when they were flying through space.
I was spaceshipping some girl last night, it was so hot.
by stevedave86 March 29, 2010
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A group of three or more people sat in a circle who all but one person have a lit joint.
after each intake everyone passes the joint to the left hand side so with every rotation there there is a 'bust light' orbiting the circle appearing as a spinning spaceship.
Giraffe: "Hey man! did you see that UFO in the park the other night?
Phoenix: Nah man, that was just a group of stoners spaceshipping!
by PolarBearLovingPhoenix February 11, 2010
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