so high it feels like you flying
"i smoked so much dank man i think i might be flyin"
by CuzinSmoke March 29, 2005
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The sensation of flying and being fine When you're high as shit.

Person 1:Look at him over there hes flyine.
Person 2: Yeah he had that good shit.
by Trumpelstiltskin December 31, 2016
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Codename for smokin weed. SouthWest (Airlines) = S.W. = Smokin weed
Oh doo, yesterday, i was flyin southwest with my bros! it was pretty chill! straight dgaf!
by HuFlungPu July 31, 2008
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New nickname for Texas's junior senator Ted Cruz after he abandoned his post in Texas during a power outage crisis to fly to Cancun for a short vacation that he planned AFTER the crisis started, but then quickly tucked tail and flew immediately back to Texas, throwing his family under the bus as an excuse for his absence. Nickname is a play on words based on Donald Trump's nickname for Cruz which is Lyin Ted, based on Cruz's penchant for lying.
I'm a Republican from Texas, but even I can't defend Flyin Ted on this one.
by Datch Guy February 19, 2021
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Mc-flyin is the act of getting really high when smoking weed and going to Mcdonalds to satisfy your munchies.

Most pot-heads go through the drive-through window due to fear of police officers
Josh-"Yo Darrel where you at right now?"

Darrel- "yo i just hit a blunt and now im Mc-Flyin.. you want me to pick you up anything?"
by Ace Nations August 11, 2009
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The act of vomiting while, simultaneously, having violent diarrhea. Obviously, a projectile form of either or both components earns more respect.
Most commonly seen following heavy drinking or during life-threatening disease....
Fuck me, I thought Sean was just 'talking to the big white telephone' but he's gone and done the flyin' hawaiin!!
by Jules B January 1, 2006
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