To damage property either intentionally or unintentionally. A short-form of the word "souvenir". This term originated in Port Hope Ontario.
Ex. A house gets eggs thrown at it on Halloween night, "Oh buddy, I just laid the biggest souvy on that house!"

You accidentally spill grape juice on your friend's white shirt, "Laura! You just souvied my shirt!"

Noun. Short for "souvenirs." Something that serves as a reminder.
Bring me back some sexy Souvies from the Red Light District. "Souvies."
by JamesOtis December 28, 2011
A really hot person who's the epitome of perfection and A person who makes every girl jealous. Souvies are very independent and have good morals. They are usuallly lone wolves and make very good leaders.
"I wish I could just be as perfect as Souvie."
by 2347823648weyuygdfugyudgf872tg February 1, 2010
short for "souvenir"; a small present brought back from a certain place as a memento
Bob: where'd you go in easter again?
Alex: Universal Studios. I got you a souvie!
Bob: yay!
by letters-to-the-world December 26, 2008
Is an empowered group of kind, confident, beautiful, intelligent, and strong Queens. Souvie Darlings are always there to support each other and build each other up to become the best versions of themselves.
She's my inspiration and role model. She's a certified Souvie Darling!
by urbandictionaryreviewer_560912 October 12, 2020