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Someone which causes sexual arousal or masturbatory desire. A person can become, or stop being, a source at any given time. From 'Curb Your Enthusiasm.'
That waitress from the Pakistani restaurant just became a source.
by Harlan Criscolm August 23, 2005
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Source is an extremely flexible/powerful video game engine developed by Valve Software, and it's primary use is for Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and many Half-Life mods. But other games such as Vampires - Masqeurade: Bloodlines uses the same engine. It took Valve over 5 years of solid programming to develop Source.
by Rebel Racer November 10, 2004
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Where something comes from. Commonly refers to source code, which is where applications come from.
Microsoft has a big ass padlock on the Windows source.
by thlalyi February 07, 2003
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To buy. To find. To acquire. To get.
Its current usage follows the modern fashion of using a noun as a verb.
We source our organic light bulbs from a local farmer.
by soreleg September 07, 2008
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A large, yet most desirable woman. She usually has an annoying voice and when her picture is taken her incredibly long tongue protrudes out of her gap toothed mouth.
by sourceloverforever November 24, 2008
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(Also known as, a beast created solely based on better graphics/improved realism to satisfy newbs that like to cry on while destroying the game's competitive aspect.)
by is bad December 30, 2004
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