a combination of sorta and kinda to mean "somewhat like" or "a little bit"
I'm sorta kinda crazy.
by The Paul June 28, 2004
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'Sorta' is short for 'sort of'. 'Kinda' is short for 'kind of'. They essentially mean the same thing. The term 'sorta kinda' is no different.
Person A: "Was the movie any good?"
Person B: "Sorta kinda."
by Ryan Thompson June 27, 2004
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"kinda sorta" backwards. It has the same meaning, but sounds worse.
-Having a Good Day?

-Meh... (kinda sorta/sorta kinda)
by Jonathan December 2, 2004
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A girl or boy that most definitely wants to be more than a "friend" but they cover it up with "sorta"
My girlfriend is annoying, that's why this girl right now is my "sorta friend"

Girl, that's your replacement already if he's using "sorta" in front of friend.
by Sorta friend September 28, 2017
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pronounced-kind-of-sort-of kinda-sorta is means No or NOPE , but you dont actually want to say the word NO
Hey Swizzle Steve did you pick up the tools and mess you made after you stayed up all nite wrenching on that piece-of-crap bike of yours in the garage all nite . "ummmmmm kinda-sorta yea i did
by SKOL-6 September 15, 2005
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A friend that you don't really hangout with or talk to but still call your friend
Sharl and I are friends, but we never really hangout or talk si I guess we are kinda-sorta-friends
by Emmie13 March 25, 2016
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vague disclaimer used to describe a similarity between two unrelated subjects without making the two subjects appear to be too closely related
Did you notice that the movie "Point of No Return" is kinda sorta, not really like "La Femme Nikita?"
by message_tied_to_a_brick June 29, 2004
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