a Buddy that is being a Jerk Face; a group of pals that question your Rad; A phrase used to address your friends that are currently being Lame; Someone that knows about Rad Harmony but chooses to be Lame and Hate on a Fellow Def-Radder;
"You Mother Effin Semi-Sorta Groover, you need to get away from me! You are ruining my Gnarly Rad Harmony!"

"Let the Mother Effing Semi-Sorta Groover's Hate, I am gonna kick back and Celebrate!"
by Don_Mayhem January 27, 2010
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A person that sales Molly and Mary and other various items AKA tyler the creator
He’s a salesman sorta giant because he sells dope
by Micheal scoott July 4, 2022
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Any time between the middle of the day when us niggas get sorta upset
A: Well damn sad nigga hours came too early today
B: It’s called sorta upset nigga hours dumbass
by Greenigga November 17, 2017
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