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A type of black-framed glasses often worn by emo enthusiasts and lesbians. Also occasionally seen worn by guys who are trying way too hard to look smarter than they actually are.
Emo glasses can be seen frequently in non-chain coffee shops in college towns.
by Ryan Thompson August 10, 2004
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A McDonalds restaurant character that has been retired for a while now. He had a hamburger for a head.
They've retired a number of other characters, too
by Ryan Thompson January 18, 2004
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A luxury car with a division window between the front and back seat, which can be raised and lowered by the occupants.

In America, limousines originally rolled off the assembly line as complete cars. They weren't super-stretched monsters. Around the late-1970s, early-1980s, companies began taking pre-existing cars (Cadillacs and Lincolns being the most popular choice) and stretching them by cutting them from one side to the other, between the front and rear doors, and 'filling in' in the middle.
Cadillac's Fleetwood Series 75 model.
by Ryan Thompson January 10, 2005
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When a black celebrity/athlete gets into trouble and his teamates/black commentators/BET media say he's "Keeping it real", as if it were assumed he is supposed to act like that. It is more or less a black-on-black racist term. (White people don't use the term and are largely unaware of what it means.) It says that black people are supposed to get in trouble with the law, thusly "keeping it real"; being true to their race.
A lot of people probably said Kobe Bryant was "keeping it real" when he got into trouble, or when insert name basketball player got busted for marijuana possession, not realizing they are perpetuating the racism they try to fight at the same time.
by Ryan Thompson June 16, 2004
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Sapphire is a type of corundum. It occurs in every color except red, because red corundum is ruby. It is actually more durable than diamond, even though diamond can't be scratched. Durability in this case refers to corundum's ability to withstand wear and tear.

Some sapphires grow in the earth in such a way that when they are cut cabochon style (which is basically a smooth, domed shape), they display a six-rayed star that moves around as the stone is moved around a fixed light source. This is refered to as "asterism".
The Rockefeller Sapphire, blue, 62 carats.

The Star of India, grayish blue, 563 cts.

The Star of Asia, blue, 330 carats.

The Stuart Sapphire, blue, 104 cts.
by Ryan Thompson January 7, 2004
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Gemstone in the corundum family. Ranges from deep pink to blood red to purple-red. Birthstone for July. Mined primarily in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Australia and India.

The gem is difficult to find without internal flaws and in deep color. The element chromium is responsible for the red color. Heat treatment is very common in ruby (as in all corundums). Ruby may be any color of red depending on the chromium and iron content of the stone. Sometimes the stones display a 6-rayed star effect when cut as cabochon (dome-shaped) stones.

It is also very, very difficult to find in larger sizes. In 1988, a 15.97-carat unheated Burmese ruby known as the Mogok Ruby was sold by Sotheby's auction house in New York for $3,630,000.
It is actually the most valuable gemstone in the world, more valuable than diamond.
by Ryan Thompson December 30, 2004
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The National Man-Boy Love Association. They are a group of men, mostly over 30, who like to date/have sex with underage boys. They like to use historical "evidence" like how in ancient Greece, this sort of thing was tolerated, to try and support their movement. (They also like to take text from books, out of context, to support their movement, the author unaware of their doing so, thus making that author look bad.)

Many people don't even realize the group exists and assume it was something made up for that episode of "South Park", which unfortunately is false.
'Butterfly Kisses' is the lesser-known female equivalent of the group. It is based out of Sweden. Both groups make honest, lawful tax-paying gays and lesbians look really, really bad.
by Ryan Thompson June 21, 2004
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