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1.) To play basketball.
2.) Living in affluence/wealth.
(Using the word in a coherent, non-ebonics sentence) He called me up and told me he was ballin, but I later found out he was cheating on me.
by Ryan Thompson January 10, 2004

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The National Man-Boy Love Association. They are a group of men, mostly over 30, who like to date/have sex with underage boys. They like to use historical "evidence" like how in ancient Greece, this sort of thing was tolerated, to try and support their movement. (They also like to take text from books, out of context, to support their movement, the author unaware of their doing so, thus making that author look bad.)

Many people don't even realize the group exists and assume it was something made up for that episode of "South Park", which unfortunately is false.
'Butterfly Kisses' is the lesser-known female equivalent of the group. It is based out of Sweden. Both groups make honest, lawful tax-paying gays and lesbians look really, really bad.
by Ryan Thompson June 21, 2004

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Gemstone in the corundum family. Ranges from deep pink to blood red to purple-red. Birthstone for July. Mined primarily in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Australia and India.

The gem is difficult to find without internal flaws and in deep color. The element chromium is responsible for the red color. Heat treatment is very common in ruby (as in all corundums). Ruby may be any color of red depending on the chromium and iron content of the stone. Sometimes the stones display a 6-rayed star effect when cut as cabochon (dome-shaped) stones.

It is also very, very difficult to find in larger sizes. In 1988, a 15.97-carat unheated Burmese ruby known as the Mogok Ruby was sold by Sotheby's auction house in New York for $3,630,000.
It is actually the most valuable gemstone in the world, more valuable than diamond.
by Ryan Thompson December 30, 2004

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Two meanings:

1) Intoxicated, nearly always pertaining to alcohol.

2) When a film does poorly at the box office.

Person A: "Did you see the Hulk?"
Person B: "No. I heard it tanked, actually."
The Hulk
New York Minute
Dungeons and Dragons
From Justin to Kelly
The Alamo
The Real Cancun
Spy Kids 1, 2 and 3
Scooby Doo 1 and 2

etc etc etc
by Ryan Thompson July 11, 2004

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750 milliters of a liquid, the term is almost always used in reference to hard alcohol. (i.e. gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, triple sec, etc)
I have a fifth of Jack Daniels in the freezer. Its safe because the high alcohol content keeps it from freezing.
by Ryan Thompson July 06, 2004

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Crystalized carbon. Diamond is a cubic mineral, like gold, spinel, fluorite, etc. Its ideal crystal shape is eight-sided -- two pyramids attached to each other. Its refractive index is 2.42, as opposed to cubic zirconia which is 2.15; sapphire and ruby which are 1.77; emerald, aquamarine, heliodore and morganite which are 1.57, and so on.

Diamond is rated as a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, but only because it is the only natural gem harder than corundum (sapphire and ruby) which are a 9 on the scale. In reality, diamond is more like a 41 -- its not just a little harder than corundum, but mucher harder.

Diamonds are mined in South Africa, Australia, Siberia, Canada, Brazil and a few other lesser places. Most gem-quality diamonds mined are a light yellow or light brown color, but the stones occur naturally in every color of the rainbow, including colorless (which is the most popular for jewelry), milky translucent white and opaque black.
The Dresden Green, medium green, 41 cts.

The Tiffany Yellow, yellow, 128 cts.

The Wittelsbach, medium blue, 35 cts.

Jennifer Lopez's pink diamond, 6 cts.

The Amsterdam, black, 33 cts.

The Hope, dark blue, 45 cts.

The Allnatt, golden yellow, 101 cts.

The Star of South Africa, colorless, 47 cts.

The Pumpkin, orange, 5 cts.

The Conde, pink, 9 carats.

The De Beers, light yellow, 234 cts.

The Incomparable, brownish-yellow, 407 cts.

The Copengagen, blue, 51 cts.

The Polar Star, colorless, 41 cts.

The Victoria-Transvaal, brownish-yellow, 67 cts.

The Millennium Star, colorless, 203 cts.

etc etc etc
by Ryan Thompson January 06, 2004

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An enlarged exhaust pipe that people sometimes add to their cars. The result is a fart-like sound from the engine. Some fart cans are just for show -- they only make noise, and don't make the car any faster.

This car modification is usually done to Asian import cars, but not always.
See related: Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, fart can
by Ryan Thompson January 15, 2004

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