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The name of the convenience store in the animnated TV series The Simpsons.

A generic name for any convenience store, when you can't think of the name of a specific one.
Person A: "Is there a Kwik-E-Mart near here?"

Person B: "There's a Seven-Eleven down on Second Street."

Person A: "That works."
by Ryan Thompson January 16, 2004
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An enlarged exhaust pipe that people sometimes add to their cars. The result is a fart-like sound from the engine. Some fart cans are just for show -- they only make noise, and don't make the car any faster.

This car modification is usually done to Asian import cars, but not always.
See related: Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, fart can
by Ryan Thompson January 16, 2004
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An older gay male, usually over 35 or so, who hits on younger guys who aren't interested in him. When they tell him they aren't interested, the troll will often flip out and get angry. Trolls are not just something seen in chat rooms but can be found just about anywhere people hang out/gather. Many trolls are secretly into underage guys but don't talk about it unless they are talking to another troll who is into the same thing, or if they are talking one-on-one with an underage guy.
Some guys are perpetually undeservedly hit on by nothing but trolls. Just because I like classic rock doesn't mean I want to date somebody my dad's age. Get over it.
by Ryan Thompson July 7, 2004
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The mispelled version of the word fundie.
The fundies stared at me. It was creepy.
by Ryan Thompson January 10, 2004
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A form of United States currency, specifically a Federal Reserve Note, which is the paper currency presently used by the United States. The ink on the reverse side of Federal Reserve Notes being green is what led to the nick name "greenback". To a lesser extent, Silver Certificates and United States Notes also had green backs, but the seal and serial numbers on the front were printed in blue instead of green ink. They were last issued in 1957 and 1966, respectively. Your parents probably remember them.
'Greenbacks' have been printed since before the turn of the 20th century, when the size of the paper currency was printed on was about 1/3 wider and 1/3 longer than its present size.
by Ryan Thompson January 5, 2004
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Hallucination. Your vision shows a double image, one slightly off center from the other. Sometimes associated with illness or drug use.
Jake has a disease that affects his balance. Sometimes he has to sit down until he stops seeing double and the spinning goes away.
by Ryan Thompson June 16, 2004
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An overpriced baseball cap. See Von Dutch clothing/apparell.
California has a lot of places that sell Von Dutch.
by Ryan Thompson July 15, 2004
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