A mix of the good and bad things that happen in any situation or relationship.
"Working here has its ups and downs, but I'm not leaving unless I find something better."
by vivilu August 20, 2007
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Up and Down reffers to cocaine (Up) and heroin. (Down)
"Yo let me get 5 up and 10 down."

Buyer- "Hey papi, do you got both up and down?"
Dealer- "Yes!"
Buyer- "Awesome! Let me get 7 up, 10 down."
Dealer- "That's 170 papi."
by uhhuhman February 12, 2021
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Used when the stuff someone doing is weird where it's halfway hanging. Can be used in weird timing, when it's early but also late for the timing to do the stuff.
Victor cook his meal on 4pm, it's a lunch or dinner? Such a not up not down time.
by jirimi April 19, 2021
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to check someone out, i.e. by looking them up and down
"Did you see that guy checking you out?"
"Yeah, he totally gave me the up and down!"
by Renners July 8, 2006
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When politicians assert outrageous and boldfaced lies as if every person in their right mind knows they are true.
45 and his cronies all excel in the fine art of Up is Down Politics, otherwise known as pure bullshit!
by Dr Bunnygirl August 18, 2020
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A person who can't get enough sex,or masterbates several times a day,the only movement they want to make,thier an up and down clown
He's a real up and down clown thats the fifth time today that he has jacked off.She can never give enough blow jobs a real up and down clown.
by woodpile January 25, 2010
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Intransitive phrasal verb
The way someone "goes up and down" refers to their physical appearance. It is usually used in positive phrases to show strong approval of somone's overall look. It means you wanna get freaky with that person coz they are fine and dress good, but classy.
That guy at the bar goes up and down like a dream

Valery, I like the way you go up and down in that YSL smock.
by Randall Judderbuck August 14, 2006
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