My friend Musa (Moses) is a Somalian. But he was deported cause he kept gettin into trouble with the police. But now he's back
by ;-> August 8, 2003
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Tall people from the East of Africa. Widely credited for their ancient civilizations and use of poems as a communicative tool.
Damn! That's a sexy Somalian
Hooyadiin cunee is faaniya somalians
by Doncaster September 4, 2015
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Gangsta Niggaz, who dont give a shit, the militia crew outer east africa.
Bryan Nichols, Lee Malvo, Allen Muhammed
by Mohamed Mussa March 26, 2005
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to the person below me, there is no such thing as somalian, the correct term would be Somali. Britain attempted to colonize Somalia, now Somalis are colonizing Britain. payback is a bitch huh.....
did u see that somalian- ignorant white guy
there's no such thing as a somalian, its somali- smart white guy
by Somali Dude January 20, 2008
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the skinniest of people riding in a car, who is forced to sit in the middle back seat crammed between his or her mates
"I'm the somalian again?? I need to get me some smaller friends"
by Pixicle May 7, 2005
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A person/thing that came from the country, Somalia.
"Somalian food is B-B-BANGIN!"
by #1 Stunna August 18, 2005
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