A region in Somalia where the accient egyptians originally came from. The Anccient Egytians used to call it " the land of gods".

" the Ancient Egyptians traced their origins from Puntland"
by YasmineAaliyah December 20, 2006
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Puntland is a region at the very tip of the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Galmudug in the south, and Darawiish to the west.
she's from Puntland
by readyforthemoon55 February 09, 2020
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An inhabitant of the tip of the Horn of Africa; typically refers to the Somali northeast, but sometimes also includes SSC (i.e. Darwiishian) territories. It is bordered by Galmudug to the south and Darwiishia to the west.
Her dad is a Puntlander
by readyforthemoon55 July 21, 2019
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