commonly used by somolians at silverthorn colligiate, meaning i swear to god.
walahi give me a dollar
walahi say walahi
walahi give me my hat back
by Matt March 5, 2005
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I swear to god.

This word has an arabic background and is often said by many people regardless of their location.
Person 1: I just bought some <insert name here>
Person 2: Say Walahi guy!
by Brown Pimpette May 20, 2005
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Walahi can be translated to " I Swear to God" in slang terms. Somalians say this shit literally on repeat mainly in Toronto/Etobicoke and it gets fucking annoying
Walahi Fam sauce (Pass) me my phone charger dawg... Yoo dawg mans be making gwap, walahi these man's dont even share fam
by MansGotCheesed December 11, 2016
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Arabic for 'i swear to Allah'
"Walahi i've never been more happy in my life than i am right now" - Napoleon aka Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale
by Souljah Of Allah September 21, 2008
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Slang for ''I Swear to Allah''
Used by Muslims.
Man: Did That Really Happen?
Dude: Walahi!!
by Frankshizzle January 14, 2007
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Arabic word conspicuously overused by men pretending to have adopted the Islamic faith in order to appear either educated, religious, and to verbally deflect & defend against various criminal & moral actions including but not limited to, Funeral Escorts; Bank Fraud; Tax Evasion; Police Impersonation; Felony Traffic Offenses; Marital Infidelity; Sex Offenses; Appeasement of Psychotic Side Pieces.

May often be used as a replacement for “uhh” or “ummm” when making up rapid excuses, lies or other untruths in the face of sleeping on the couch, in the office, or going to jail.
“I’m not running around town with other girls, WALAHI!”

Walahi when I’m out of jail, we will be together!”

“Walahi, my bail won’t be revoked!” “
Walahi!! I never ran intersections with lights & sirens!”

“Walahi, I have never cheated on you WALAHI!!”

“Officer, walahi! I never fifty-fifty’ed that intersection!”

by SgtVidler April 24, 2022
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Used by the students at Kipling Colligiate Institute.

'Walahi' means swear to god in arabic while 'bilahi' is just a word that rhymes.

Saying 'Walahi Bilahi' means i swear to god even more, as opposed to just saying walahi.

It is usually said to fit in and is riduculed by others who hear it said in serious context.
person #1: I don't believe you

person #2: Walahi Bilahi i didn't do it
by Lamers93 January 29, 2011
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