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An amazing friend who will do anything for you. All the girls like him because he is a sexy beast who cannot be taken down. He has muscles bigger than hulk, an IQ of 389.48, calves bigger than Einstein's brain, and can sweet talk anyone. He is the ideal male body
Yo, Joseph trying to act like a Soam, but he ain't. He ain't cool enough
by joeybob380501 May 14, 2017
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Jim: Dude James is a fukin SOAM.
John: Yes! He fucking is.
by the_last_sperm May 24, 2017
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an indie-preaching, leg warmer wearing, giant glasses faced Belmont tart who likes Ninja Turtle green with everything, and also will wear anything on top of anything, on top of anything, so long as it is knit. See Rachel the Girl.
Dude, Boss Ham, that Mana soam puked and this cat ate it.
by Ivy March 28, 2005
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