A pair of 8's in poker. Also known as fat ladies.
Your pair of 10's beat my snowmen... damnit!!
by rhaps0dy August 04, 2004
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plural of snowman-- a group of guys that use beer pong and girls to cover up their sexual attraction to one another. they usually travel is groups, so it's not often that you will see a snowman without his fellow snowmen. There will tend to be stupid girls that think it's cool to hang out with the "Snowmen" but only the people that have known them a while will see through their charade and know them for a bunch of fags.
1. Look at those two guys kissing, they are such Snowmen.

2. I knew he would come out the closet eventually, now he can hang out with the Snowmen.
by kmsl May 18, 2011
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The lovely creature that you can create and is easiest to fuck
"I fucked the snowmen"
by Anonymous March 02, 2003
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1.) A term used to describe someone of Caucasian/Anglo-Saxon descent. Usually used by minority groups in referring to white people.

2.) A diminutive term for a white person.

Did you see those dudes in the pink polo shirts? What a bunch of snowmen!
by Rubin Stiles March 13, 2006
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In Texas Hold'em or related poker games, where two eights are your hole cards
when 8 King 3 came up on the flop, I knew I won cause I had pocket snowmen.
by Vahn May 23, 2004
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