8's is 8 oz.'s of the purp...that lean.
He been down at the liquor store, sippin dem 8's.
by IBProfane541 March 31, 2011
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When a clingy significant other insists on getting 5 'check-in' texts an hour to see what you are doing.
"Dude!!! It's just poker night and your bitch has already text you a dozen times! What is she, 'loco on the 8's?'"

"Girl, your shit's been blowing up all night! Who you datin? Jim Cantore!?!??! Dude be 'loco on the 8's!'"
by Phlyndserr May 27, 2013
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When a group of gentleman all grab their testicles by the base of the scrotum, so as to form an "8" on top of their fists, and then press them together in unison.
I'm having a great time, guys. Let's class this place up with some crazy 8's.
by Chicken hawk August 24, 2012
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In drag racing terms less than eight and a half seconds to get down the quarter mile track.
That street legal chevy II is running low 8's, fastest street car I've seen before that was only in the mid 9's
by pyro_ August 17, 2009
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O.8.S™️ is a new turm used by murderd out 187™️ Empire meaning just that one eight seven short way of spelling it out!! Out for the close line M.E murderdout Empire ™️187
O.8.S ™️ yo dog let's go to O.8.S™️ n see what one eight seven is doing rite now
by k187c October 6, 2020
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