1. coke (the drug)
2. anything you were brought up on.. it can mean anything
3. snow man - young jeezy
1. "yooo lets go get on dat snow again tonight man"
2. "i jus got paid today so i got a lotta snow man lets go out n celebrate"
3. "i got a new snow man shirt today"
by Lital January 16, 2006
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Dandruff of the head-hair, eyebrows or pubic hair. Floats slowly to the ground like snow when shaken.
"My whole body is a fucking snow mountain!" - Your Dad
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 04, 2003
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the white shit all over your yard during the winter
no dear thats just white shit

if you dont know what SNOW is go fuck yourself your retarded
by MRBACON60 December 26, 2010
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A combination of the elementary molcular substance water and the gaseous mixture of air. Also used to express childlike excitment and avoidance of labour. Used in the First World War as slang for fish.
"It's snowing!" or "Come an look at the snow! Look! Look! It's lying!"
by Cooldude March 02, 2005
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pure, evil that ruins lives and eats people alive!
I have to take my finals another day because of the evil snow!
by farquare January 28, 2009
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God's cum sprinkled on Earth like he froze it, melted it a bit, and then sprinkled it like Paprika!
Oh my god I love snow in my mouth!
by Adam Winchester December 02, 2007
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