soft, fluffy ice that falls from the sky in the winter. ah, the sheer bliss...
gameshow host: whats hard and hurts when you hit it?
shuichi: snow!
*buzzer gos off for wrong answer*
by yaoi_fangirl April 24, 2005
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a finely crushed and powdered form of the prescription drug oxycodon or oxyxotin that is snorted up the nose. so named because of the white powdery apperence and phyisical resemblence to cocaine which is also refered to as snow.
we did three lines of snow and had no clue where we were.
by dominizzle December 02, 2007
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when the blue sky has sex with the black hole in outer space and climaxes and then it produces snow and cums all over the world ..then the snow fucks everyone else...
by blthrskt November 26, 2009
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1. A white flaky substance (not to be confused with cocaine, sand, or dandruff) made of frozen water. Only found in sub-zero climates.

2. The stuff that is awesome.

3. The thing that skiers and slowboarders live for, possible to carve, shred, bus'a'sick'air, or float on
1. What is that? It is snow.
2. SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
3. Dude, fresh snow, lets go shred!!!
by Zack726 December 08, 2005
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to let your flakes disperse from your scalp
Angel had a bunch of flake so I gave him permission to go outside and snow.
by John Hungwell May 09, 2005
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another word for the overused slang word "cool"
dude, that party last night was so snow.

Its snow with me if he comes too.
by JP January 09, 2005
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1. Ice, as in jewlery
2. Ice, as in crack
** Both ways are used in the song "Icy" by Gucci Mane if ur that slow and need more refrence
** People wear shirts with a snowman on it to prove they're crackheads or they have jewerly
"...in my hood they call me Jeezy da Snowman ya get it get it Jeezy da snow man I'm iced out and I got snow man, let it marinate ya'll niggas slow man..."
by Ckhicka September 06, 2005
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