boyfriend, male romantic companion, male partner, male chum (Internet Slang)
by MarkLetras February 17, 2006
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He tells me he doesn't have a bf right now.
by The Grammar Nazi February 20, 2002
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"i cant hang out later sarah im going to my bf's house. i think we might do it tonight"
by Jen&&juice December 2, 2007
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Abbreviated form for Best Friend
Tanya would still be my BF if she had my shirt.
by BD Goertz December 7, 2005
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Big F'ing Shiii
I just took a BFS Bro!

What...breadth first search?

No man, a big f'ing shiii!
by 3-Dawg July 24, 2011
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having a bitch fit or gettng mad because your bitch wont fuck you
omg! your pissing me off im going to have a bf!
by katlyn June 24, 2004
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