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The nickname of Lauren, a very crazy, hyper, complicated person who isn't afraid to speak her mind and say what she wants. Can come off as abrasive at times, mostly because she loves to instigate and be a troll. She likes to tease her friends and random people for her own amusement, and loves to be suggestively suggestive.
Despite her flaws, she is an intensely loyal friend, especially to Courtz (Courtney, best friend), and loves to joke and just have fun. On the internet, she is very outspoken and confident, though in real life she is very quiet and defensive. She's built her emotional walls very high and tries to push people away, but those who get through are rewarded with her eternal friendship.<33
Courtz: "LAURZZZZ BB<33"
Laurz: "COURTZZ BB<33 x3"
by AranelElensar January 23, 2012
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