The meaning of Upstate, New York:

Residents of northern New York State - the true Upstate region - know that the state consists of several regions. Namely, upstate, downstate, western (Buffalo and Rochester), central (Syracuse and Utica), and the city. (I like to think of Long Island as an orbiting moon, but it is better classified as a different planet all together.)

Albany is barely on the edge of Upstate, Poughkeepsie is NOT Upstate, and Newburgh is definitely NOT Upstate. It may be hard to fathom, but not everything in the state of New York revolves around the city, so therefore, everything above the city/Westchester is not Upstate.

Admittedly, Upstate may be "different" than New York City and other regions, but it is a term of pride, not a term of derision. Many ignorant downstaters (who probably don't recycle and drive Hummers) may not realize that Upstate is home to the Adirondack Mountains and the most beautiful natural areas of New York state. Always remember, not only does New York State have the largest, most culturally diverse, most amazing city on the east coast, it also has the largest tracts of pristine, protected wilderness lands east of the Mississippi in the northern, Upstate regions.

New York State is amazing, from top to bottom!
"Hey, wanna do something this weekend?"

"No thanks, I am going Upstate to my cabin on Lake George."

"Oh wow, you are so lucky! It is gorgeous up there."

"I know."
by LongBlackVeil5 September 9, 2007
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Zip Codes starting with 12, 13, or 14
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
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Upstate is a term used by people who live in New York City or the surrounding metro area. Long Islanders and some city people consider the Northern suburbs (Westchester, Rockland) to be upstate because they are north of where they are and think thaty for some reasons the cultural and economic ties spread east. Northern suburbs consider anywhere above them to be upstate (mostyl Poughkeepsie and up). Whats funny is that people from "upstate" cities such as Albany, Binghamton, Syracuse, Rochester or Buffalo have no concept of what "upstate is. Albany is the Capital District. Binghamton is the Southern Tier. Syraucse is Central New York. Rochester is near the Finger Lakes and Buffalo is in Western New York. In the end Upstate doesn't really exist and is generally a term used to imply that you live south of the area being discussed.
Everything north of Westchester is upstate (Rockland is west of Westchester bordering New Jersey and the the northern tip of Westchester is above Rockland. So Rockland is not upstate.)
by Jim October 27, 2004
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A place too far north in NYS for a tough New Yawka like you to know or care about.
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
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Any of New York State not including New York City, Long Island, or Westchester or Rockland Counties.
The Adirondacks, the Albany region, same with Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, and whatever of New York state more than 45 minutes away from New York City or Long Island is referred to as Upstate New York.
by Nick Weiner October 4, 2008
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I'm from Upstate... yeah you know New York where where crackers live and everyone doesn't speak prohanese.
by OaklyNY December 23, 2002
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People who think they're from New York until they go to college and realize that all the downstaters think the world ends after Yonkers.
I was driving west on the Tappan Zee Bridge heading upstate and when it was already too late realized the bridge was emptying into the pit of oblivion.
by DMX November 26, 2003
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