Refers to weather cold enough to freeze one's proverbial "balls off." Mainly used as a colloquialism in Britain.
Steverson: What's the weather like?
Oliver: It's balls off, guv'nor.
by Steverson January 20, 2008
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Delightfully, deliciously crazy.
Did you hear about all the chaos in the ER over the weekend? That place is balls off!
by lizzie-fresh August 7, 2010
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When two males go head-to-head in a ball-off they squeeze their opponents testicles progressively harder until one of the competitors gives up, making his opponent the winner of the ball-off.
(Ricky firmly grabs Randy by his ball-sack)

Randy: You wanna have a ball-off?
Ricky: I do wanna have a ball-off.

You think I wanna bang you? Come on!
by Whodini September 7, 2020
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The sexual act of blowing other gay men while sketching nude portraits of them. This takes super gay skills and should not be attempted by straight men
John: Dude, why would anyone ever give a balls off cocktail.
Joe: You'd have to be a bitch.
John: It's whats for dinner!
Dave Chappelle: BYAAAAAAH!
by M4x1mus May 15, 2007
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Under the extreme influence of a psychedelic substance. The user is most likely seeing open-eye hallucinations(OEV) and possibly having a spiritual moment. Complete loss of connection with reality.
Dude, those shrooms i just ate............wait, what? Oh dude, did you feel that? I'm sending you energy waves by closing my eyelids at you. Dude, it's shaking the whole room. I f*cking hate that lemon, it wants to fight me. I'm so tripping my balls off. F*CK YOU LEMON!!!!!!!
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Being so surprised to the point that you inevitably shit so hard your testicles come out.
Dudebro: Dude I went sky diving yesterday.
Broseph: How was it?
Dudebro: The main parachute didn't work, I was so scared I shit my balls off.
by BigPenisBoi1234567891011121314 February 19, 2021
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