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This word has been in wide use around the Chicago area since I was a kid in the 1960s. It is the nasty black conglomerate of snow, ice, soot and car exhaust particles that forms underneath your car or truck after weeks of constant sub-freezing weather.
In Chicago, snard is an ever present visual reminder of how depressing winter can be.

You can near the unmistakable sound from the alley of someone knocking snard from their car.

Snard is the number one reason for rusting undercarriages in UP Michigan.

Snard makes car wash operations rich.

Snard is about the yukkiest stuff ever.

People down here in Maryland have no concept of what snard is. They are lucky.
by Bill Peters August 31, 2006
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A person who smells like bacon and only eats papaya.
My best friend is a snard, he eats papaya constantly and always smells like bacon.
by Shoper December 11, 2009
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Last piece of anything purchased in quantity. That scrappy piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken left in the bottom of the bucket, 3 days later, and while it has not gone bad, nobody wants to eat it.
Yes, I checked the fridge for leftovers, but all that's left is snard.
by isavelives January 16, 2010
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A person who farts in the bathtub then concentrates on biting the bubbles...
That snard is like KSTI (king shit from turd island).
He thinks his shit doesn't stink but his farts give him away.
by policeman 99 January 16, 2012
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that snow booger of snow that accumulates in the wheel well of your car in the winter.
"Hey Joe, could you kick that snard off my tire?"
by CraigH November 27, 2005
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