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Top quality, admired. Really hot shit. So good your shit even smells good.

A person who thinks they are “all that” believes they people should buy them lunch and open doors for them. They think they are so hot and sophisicated that they can attract anybody.
In the old days we'd have a saying for women who thought they were "all that" -------- Miss Fine Thang. The whole block would be in on it -- little kids would follow her down the street ridiculing her "Oh my, you walk SO FINE".

And people would be calling her that all her life.
by Bill Peters November 6, 2006
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(vb) To turn up the volume or intensity.
The basketball team needs to amp up its defense.

His Math SAT is just 520. He better amp up 30 decibels to get into M.I.T.

Can't hear you dog. Amp it up, will you?
by Bill Peters October 9, 2006
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Gay slang abbreviation for “androgynous dyke.” A lesbian who is neither “lipstick” or “butch”, ie., neither overly masculine or feminine. The term "andro-look" and simply "andro" are also commonly used.
by Bill Peters October 7, 2006
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Common French racist slur. Meaning and use is similar to English 'nigger,' and is used to described non-European (Arab and Black) North Africans. It was in particularly prevelant use during French occupation of Northern Africa. The term has been showing up with increasing frequency as a racial slur on racist websites and chatrooms.

In considering the controvery of whether Senator George Allen truly knew the meaning of the word in his infamous August 11, 2006 outburst, it is significant to note that his mother and numerous relatives are ethnic French expatriates of Tunisia in North Africa.
"This fellow here, over here with the yellow shirt, macaca, or whatever his name is. He's with my opponent. He's following us around everywhere. And it's just great . . . Let's give a welcome to macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia." -- Sen George Allen refering to S.D. Sidarth while campaingning in rural Virginia, Ausgust 20006.
by Bill Peters August 17, 2006
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The following is a Post Election update

(n) A virulent racial pejorative, common in Europe, that was obscure in the US until it burst upon the scene during the 2006 Senate Elections. The term, the equivalent of “nigger” (a macaque is a monkey genus) is used primarily in France, especially among former colonizers in North Africa, to describe any person of color, most notably Moslems. When Sen. George Allen used the term to signal out a young man of Indian descent in the crowd for derision, a firestorm hit that directly tipped the balance of power in the US Senate. Allen, a former shoo-in (and until then considered a Presidential candidate), was defeated in a very tight election, ensuring a 51-49 Democratic control of the Senate.
From Yaho News, Nov 9, 2006:

In the Virginia race, Allen had been expected to cruise to a second term this year and make a run for the White House in 2008. The son of a Hall of Fame football coach, Allen served as governor in the 1990s and was popular for abolishing parole and instituting other conservative reforms.

But in Webb he faced an unconventional challenger. Supporters drafted Webb, a political neophyte, to run because of his early opposition to the Iraq war.

Allen, 54, was comfortably ahead in polls until August, when he mockingly referred to a Webb campaign volunteer of Indian descent as "Macaca," regarded by some as a racial slur. The incident, caught on videotape, became international news. Some former football teammates from the University of Virginia also charged that Allen had commonly used a slur for blacks.
by Bill Peters November 11, 2006
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According to Daily Show correspondent Rob Cordry, Macaca is a small European country, whose inhabitants "never look back", they are so happy to leave.
Stewart: "Where exactly IS Macaca?"
Cordry: "Right next to YA PEE-PEE"
by Bill Peters August 17, 2006
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Medicine -- legal, illicit (usually pot), traditional or otherwise. This word appears in many Nigerian languages and means variously, an amulet, a treatment, and yes -- medicine. Juju is also the name of Nigeria's most popular musical genre.
"I need some strong juju for this cold" or "That's some nasty looking juju in that bag, bro."
by Bill Peters August 11, 2006
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