seemingly small and unthreatening but shockingly able to kick your ass and anyone else's
Look at that scrappy lil dude over there. He just beat the crap out of those punks.
by skippy88 December 5, 2005
A person who is little but can really kick some ass.
That crazy little white dude is really scrappy so watch yo back.
by John Taube December 10, 2004
Someone or something that appears dwarfed by a challenge, but more than compensates for seeming inadequacies through will, persistence and heart.
You dog is bigger, but my dog is scrappy. Rocky beat Apollo because he was scrappy.
by preshere June 20, 2008
someone who is little but can kick some serious ass.
Guy 1 - Wow you see those junior girls playin' powder puff over there? They're pretty scrappy.
Guy 2 - Yeah. They're from Hilmar.
by R.A.G.S. October 3, 2011
I'm gonna whip myself up some scrappy, clean this mad house, and study.
by ELynne July 15, 2009
A legendary serb calgarian known for his small size yet amazing ability to kick ass. most famous for his recent pickaxe homicide.
homie: dammmn yo you seen that nigga last night? Scrappy fuckin put a axe in his dome
by jugalyfe October 29, 2007
a verb used to describe scary and crappy
"man dat fat lizard is scrappy"
by antichin April 18, 2014