Snapdragons is a game where the players attempt to snatch raisins out of a bowl filled with brandy thats lit on fire.
While playing snapdragons try not to get burnt.
by jpg3 November 24, 2011
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A large, bulbous, vagina-shaped tropical plant. A fully mature Snapdragon features several rows of razor-sharp teeth, a flowery pink lip structure, and squirts a fiery discharge upon stimulation.
"Please water my Snapdragon while I'm gone. Not with your penis."
by Dark Chocolate V2 September 23, 2012
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while getting a blowjob, just before orgasm slap her on the back of the head driving the penis down her throat. she can't bite down while gagging, and she tries not to swallow so there is only one place to come out...her nose. throw her a towel and tell her to clean herself up then RUN. when she gets done blowing the jiz from her nose and the tears from her eyes she is gonna want to kill you.
The perfect way to get yourself out of a bad relationship with a two bit whore is by giving her the snapdragon.
by phillip lacefield March 24, 2007
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something you say when you are in agreement. May also be used to replace the word owned, pwned, "oh snap", and the like. May be said anywhere you feel fitting.

Must be said said very loud and obnoxiously, while excentuating the "A" in "dragon".
Joe: Hey lewis, tonites gonna be siiick!

Jesus: OMFG!! I just cranked by balls aff that rail!

Bif (walking down the hall and sees a smokin hot chick): SNAPDRAGON!
by Berglin Wall June 14, 2009
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an Asian girl. referring to her tight pussy as it snaps around your dick. and dragon for her being Asian.
I want to go look for some snapdragons tonight.
by The Stud!!! October 25, 2009
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This snapdragon was so desparate to sell me some bogus stock that he offered to smoke my white owl.
by John R. November 1, 2003
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It is a mental disorder like schizophrenia and like bipolar disorder, but not.
I am suffering from Snapdragonism.
by MegaBurt August 2, 2008
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