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After a night of heavy petting and intercourse,the sheets were painted with snail trails.
by lance January 19, 2005
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seminal fluid or vaginal fluid left on undergarments, clothing or surfaces resulting in the appearance of secretions left by snails during locomotion.
Julie was so aroused last night that she left a snail trail on the bed sheets.
by hal February 05, 2004
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A strange phenomenon which occurs when you are watching porn with your girl on a leather couch. As she begins to get wet with excitement (at this point she is probally naked or bottomless) she will leave a sticky streak of lube from her vagina as she moves across the couch, resembling a trail of slime left by snails and slugs
Deb got so turned on by the lesbo video she left a snail trail across my new couch.
by clintock January 31, 2003
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The female form of the bagdrag, the snailtrail is the sliding of one's poonanny across the forehead of an unsuspecting intoxicated or sleeping victim. The snailtrail is best performed during ovulation when discharge is thicker and richer. Note: can result in injury if the snailtrailer is not stealthy.
Hey look, Kira is sleeping peacefully, let's start her morning off right with a snailtrail.
by Seeg May 31, 2006
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A sexual act in which a woman drags her wet vagina across a reclining partner's chest or face. Sort of a female counterpart to teabagging.
He was just lying there, so I gave him a snail trail.
by lollers April 30, 2006
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secretion or wetness found in the panties of women when they are horny.
stop lusting after him for goodness sake your gonna give yourself a snailtrail!!!
by jed and deb July 22, 2005
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