very hot woman who sparks instant arousal upon viewing
Dude, that chick is a total smokestack.
by Skinhead April 12, 2006
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when a girl gives you that sloppy toppy gluck gluck 9000 while blowing smoke on your schmeat
“yo babe can you gimme that smokestack?”
“yeah papa smurf just lemme grab my nic stick
by zachori January 9, 2021
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The act of sitting on the toilet and masturbating violently with one hand and smoking a joint with the other, while taking a big, greasy dump.
Chris was so tense from his bad day at work he needed to go do a smokestack in the bathroom before he could calm down and hang out with his friends.
by DLTC March 27, 2007
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The act of male masturbation involving both hands, and upon climax, the ejaculate appears to be a stream of smoke out of the top of the "stack".
I totally smokestacked all over my computer screen today.
by Sore Junk November 16, 2009
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A thoroughly uncertain form of anal pleasure, usually by rimming. It does not have to be by just one person. one can also smokestack oneself. It always is a pleasnat feeling that can perhaps be both messy and violent.
I smokestacked Justin last night.
by James Foely March 30, 2006
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-Hey did you go to the Timber Creek footbal game on friday?
-Oh you mean the horrid smokestack that the other team put on us? Yeah i was there.
by MickeyChickey October 4, 2003
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To blow smoke up one's ass. To lie. To tell a fib.
"Dude, I totally had sex with three girls last night."
"Man, stop smokestacking!"
by ConsuelaTriForce May 10, 2014
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