person1: Hey your gay.
person2: yeh but richard you smell like cheese.
by gingerbaz December 5, 2006
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To reek of failure and annoyance, used as a comedic way to tell someone that they disappointed you or another.

To tell another person that you are better than them.
by IC3T3CH April 23, 2018
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Instantly crucifies any person unlucky enough to be struck with this fatal blow. ur mum gay, ur dad lesbian, none of those hold a candle to the sheer power of this.
The year is 40000 CE. War has been waging against Joe and Carl for ages. The universe is at its last bit of power. It cannot hold for much longer.

Joe: ur family tree LGBT
Carl: I’m sorry, old pal.
Joe: wha-
Carl: ur niece smell like cheese

Joe instantly dies. The universe collapses in on itself.
by KetchupDubai December 3, 2018
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cheese sucks so when someone tells you this it means you suck, or they are telling you you smell
Karina: Your mama is a HOE!
Ana: And you smell like cheese!!
by BT1234 February 13, 2022
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