jamal is normally a good guy, but if you mess with him he is going to bring out that glock, jamal is a nice spook who wears jordan’s. a funny guy and great to be friends with
man jamal you goofy
by Jay a god November 12, 2018
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The name of 95% of black African Americans.
Teacher: jamal C. stop hitting jamal P. with jamal F's. notebook
Jamal C: i dun no
Jamal L: yo guy
Jamal O: oi oi oi
Teacher: god damn there are a lot of Jamal's in my class
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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A very common name among the black race. To the average white man, this is every black person's name.
Where's jamal?? A common game found in rural areas dominated by the white man, in which when a black man is located, the locator calls out "Where's Jamal??" and the objective is to find jamal.
by ag-bo44 August 4, 2006
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an over all scumbag he did the most herindous crimes he comimisiond the holocost
man:dang it my car got taged kid:jamal did it jamal:how he has the spray can
by haky saky January 24, 2020
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when you fart and animals run away
the couple was looking at the beautiful deer and one of them had a jamal so all the deer ran away
by I billie eilish February 7, 2020
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A cool horse with 3 man buns and a braid
"who's that?'
"wow tats dang cool.'
by BirdInABow May 8, 2019
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