Acronym of "Stupid Morning Bullshit" the title of a daily live streaming show on, hosted by Sally Skinner.
"I am going to watch SMB, it's on right now."

"Stupid Morning Bullshit;
It's the best show on the internet.

Stupid Morning Bullshit;
It's a place where you can make a new friend.

Stupid Morning Bullshit;
Is on right now."
by The_ALCH December 12, 2019
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Suck My Balls. usually used in an dominance term. Either angrily or after a competition. usually said after beating someone by a large amount in a video game.
"player 1" oh yeah i beet you again at Mario kart
"player 2" like i care
"player 1" SMB *does a random dance while waving hands round his crotch*

As demontrated in pure pwnage episode 10
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Stands for Sad Mackem Bastards.

Used to describe Mackem Sunderland fans. Often by Newcastle United FC fans.
Don't those sad mackem bastards ever wash?
by Geordie January 9, 2004
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"Suck My Balls"

1. the expression of wanting or saying for someone to put their scrotum in your face.
2. What is said out of anger to friends
1. Hey, I'll give you 5 dollars if you SMB

2. Kid 1: wow joe your so stupid
Joe: Shut up kid how about you SMB!
by WeezyDaBoss September 18, 2007
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An overly-polite sort of girl that uses phrases like "Tee-hee" and "'Scuse me!" all the time. Used to describe a person that acts like a goody-two-shoes.

Originated from the initals for "Samantha Marie Barnes", who is a girl that acts this way. The infamous "SMB Poem" catalogues her trials and tribulations.
My name is little SMB
My favourite saying is "scuse me"
I love Georgene and Lady Barnes
Even if M Jamba has big man arms

Mrs. Hunter spanks me in gym class
And Mrs. Olscheski loves my ass
I haven't done my homework,
Not for a while
That's why Mrs. Ullman has
Georgene on speed dial!

Thank you and 'scuse me. Tee hee!
by Techno April 12, 2005
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The shorther form of "somebody"
Alex! i think smb is coming downstairs!
by axellis June 9, 2006
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