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A conglomerate of Spanish swear words.
This combo is known by people on the Balearic island of Mallorca and has been used on the island since at least the 80's.

Swear includes:

Tu eres un maricojoñetojiliputariano, y tu mamá.
by The_ALCH September 10, 2020
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An alternative to "hot or not", "minging or blinging" is a question of whether something is good or bad.
English phrase.
"I can't decide if these shoes are minging or blinging"

"Cheryl has a new man"

"Does he ming or bling?"
"Total minger mate"
by The_ALCH January 10, 2022
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Hand made with assistance of tools and machines, such as CNC lasers/ routers, power tools, etc.
A: "How was this made?"
B: "This was machand made. The design is laser cut, then assembled and finished by hand."
A: "Oh."
by The_ALCH March 8, 2021
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A play on the saying "Life finds a way".

The twist here is that sometimes things do not happen when they should have.
Procrastination, global pandemics, outside influence, many things can be a call for this saying.
"I was going to make lunch, but life finds a way of not finding a way."
by The_ALCH January 24, 2021
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Cute form of "like", often used in a 3rd person when talking about ones self.
Andrew: "Well, how is it?"
Bernard: "It's good, me likie"

Randy: "Because it's grown here, on a farm. It's not cut with any nasty chemicals or nasty impurities.
Santa: "No you can tell it's really clean. Santa likie"
by The_ALCH December 12, 2019
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When you wake up and start deflating after a nice long night of building up gas throughout your digestive system.
"*beepbeep, beepbeep, beepbeep*
*Stretch, yawn, fart, burp*
Looks like I have started my morning deflation"

"Honey can you take your morning deflation to the bathroom?"

"If I don't start my morning deflation soon I might explode"
by The_ALCH June 15, 2019
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A play on the rhyme "Red sky at night", this is an excerpt of the entire rhyme;

"Red eye at night,
Stoners delight.

Red eye in the morning,
Stoners warning."

The rhyme refers to marijuana smoking, which can cause a users eyes to become bloodshot and red, and often being a telltale sign of somebody being stoned.
"Red eye at night,
Stoners delight.

Red eye in the morning,
Stoners warning."
by The_ALCH August 16, 2019
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