usually said to a person you got you pissed off
and you would like to answer him in a got annoyed way
John: (after saying something about your ex) hey i got a new tattoo
Ann: like i care
by kissmebabe January 29, 2012
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the response you get when you actually help people solve their problems
Jamal: oh my gawd i can't do algebra!11!11
Person 2: ok just do this and do that and do this and do that
Jamal: um, does it look like i care, nerd?
by truthtellingguy January 23, 2023
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Something somebody says when they don't care. Yeah literally that's it.
YO Jessica!!! Look at my new Versace purse!!!! " Like I care....Its ugly anyway..."
by Nelldoesthings December 24, 2022
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