Feb 25 Word of the Day
Who fucking knows anymore? First, it meant factual, and now it means fictional. What the fuck, internet... what the fuck?
wrong-->"Oh my god, Jessica, your post literally scared me to death" right--> "I literally wrote this post at 3:04 A.M."
by Deathmatch1127 April 14, 2015
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the act of having sex with someone on a regular basis.
"Are BonQueesha and Tyquan really going out or are they just smashin'?"
by mybootyisthatbig September 25, 2003
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means having so much fun that it's like being on ectasy, but not really on ectasy. Your just enjoying the high of life; enjoying the absolute joy of every thing on the world and wanting to die in harmony. The perfect feelings of consiousness of Utopia.
The party was very smashin that people where feeling like they were flying.
by vboone December 04, 2010
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Meaning to have sexual intercourse when talking about two or more other people. Verb.
Brett and Lauren were smashin' in Lauren's room while her parents weren't home last night.
by Soldier28 December 21, 2005
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tellin sum 1 off
I was smashin on dis meese afta i gave her da busines
by CHOCOLATE AKA JAMES April 06, 2004
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