To go an an extreme trek or adventure for some vagina
Me: Bro, you tryna go out and voyage tonight?
Brother: Hell ya I'm about to get some pussy!!!
by BeastialityBob August 27, 2011
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(Adj.)Pronounced with a French accent;
a) A force, long-distance, anything that is too much.
b) Sometimes used as a synonym for "force"
a) "Can you get me that paper-clip from the other room?"
"Hell no, thats a God-damn voyage!"
b) Teacher: "Do problems 1-10"
Student "No, thats a voyage!"
by Huck Black November 10, 2010
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Extremly brilliant series from the popular star trek franchise. Featured such noteable hotties such as Captain Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine (The babe in the Catsuit). Ran for 7 years from 1995 to 2002.
I love Voyager- go Voyager go!
by Mike the Trekmeister October 5, 2004
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Best phone available from Verizon Wireless. Nice screen on the inside touchscreen on the outside. Has lots of services that can be bought but are expensive and arent user friendly. Bad news is OCD people will go crazy from smudges and finger prints on the outside.
Hey is that the voyager?
No its an Env.
Ah you suck
by BCLAY February 19, 2008
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A minivan developed by Chrysler in the 1980s.
Hey man, let's go pick up chicks.
What, in your Voyager?
by minivanemegafun February 3, 2005
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the nicest phone from Verizon Wireless. It is better than the iPhone:
1. it's not $600.
2. you can actually buy a warranty on it.
3. verizon wireless was voted #1 worldwide in terms of best service and phones.
4. you can actually text on it, and open it up to the full keyboard.
5. it takes better and bigger pictures than the iPhone.
6. it doesn't ring up as many extra charges for internet as the iPhone does.
7. it is thinner, and smaller. can usually actually fit in your pocket.
8. it doesn't just randomly freeze and turn off.
9. it was actually created around the same time as the iPhone, but advertised later just to prove how much better it was than the iPhone.
10. doesn't break as easily.
11. you don't have to use the internet to get to everything.
"oh that's so cool, you have the voyager!"
by foxy mama "ab" April 3, 2008
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Something which sticks to the bottom of your shoe and goes to all different places with you. for example, dog turds or gum
That voyager smells like asshole.
by pasta pete October 18, 2007
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