When you're so intelligent to understand that bacon is king and is the best thing in the world. Bacon is so amazing, that it gives people genius ideas and the drive to do whatever they want. Bacon makes you smarter in every way possible.
That guy just bought 500 pounds of meat , cheese and bacon at the store for his party. He is making giant bacon cheeseburgers with it. That's bacon smart.
by nitoxys February 16, 2017
Smart term memory loss is when you’re brain chooses to forget unimportant data or transforms important data into every day life so its more hard to forget it. Though however the original way the important data was learned will be forgotten and changed to whatever is the way your brain chooses it to be.

-Definition by Mo
I have Smart term memory loss, for example: to me, my friend texted me they didn’t want to go to homecoming with their boyfriend. To them they told me in person that. For me I remember their text very clearly in my mind but after searching for an hour I still couldn’t find it so my brain just processed the information I was given to a way I was use to communicating to this person.
by Mo-.- October 6, 2022
Smart-womber is a word used to define a person who is genius or smart by birth. It is generally used as sarcasm to describe a haughty person or a braggart.
Person 1:" My test went really good although I didn't study a word."

Person 2:" Are you kidding me? It was so hard ,I studied for 5 hours but I still don't think I did well."

Person 1:" Who studies for the test? It was so easy."

Person 2:"Yeah,you'd say that ,smart-womber."
by SickyVicky March 24, 2014
Adjective, an antonym (opposite) to the smartest, describing a person who always tries to outsmart everybody they come across, considering everybody stupid and thinking no one notices that their behaviour is outrageous, while everybody keeps silence out of politeness. A synonym to a dickhead, prick, bastard etc.
Keep away from Donald. He is so smart-assed. Thinks himself the smartest and consider everybody yahoos. He will buy you a cup of "covfefe" today , but tomorrow he will make you pay for a dozen of "covfefes".
by Murdoc Kylburne January 16, 2018
The Smart Internet Suite (SIS) is the best of bread applications that work together to create the most productive knowledge, collaboration and personal productivity tools available on the Internet. Usually based on Web 2.0 applications.
Facebook makes an excellent foundation for a Smart Internet Suite (SIS) environment.
by Robert Burwood July 31, 2007
That thing all the schools have, which is just a projector, but it has a touchscreen and some pens, so this can be sold for 4000$!
School principal: We're getting Smart Boards installed in our classrooms!
Other guy: Smart Board? That piece of shit projector that's 4000 dollars because it has pens?
by TechNerd22 May 31, 2021
Lexie Smart is the kindest person ever!! She can put a smile on anyones face forever. She's the sweetest person on earth. If u have a lexie Smart in ur life KEEP her!! She's 1 in a zillion and a very very fun person.
Girl 1: Omg Is that Lexie Smart?!

Guy 2: Omg wow she's gorgeous!!

Girl 3: I wish I was like lexie Smart she's so sweet!!!
by Iluvlexie January 2, 2022