A girl with the name aria is one of the most amazing person you will ever know she’ll be therefor you through the good and the bad and will do almost anything to make you feel better even when she feels like crap herself
by Skater19 March 24, 2019
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Aria's are some of the coolest people that you will ever meet, they're hilarious, intelligent and gorgeous. Everyone wants to be their friend because they're so welcoming and they give soooooooo many second chances but they get salty real quick so don't cross them. Everyone that doesn't like them hates them because they're so loved and they're not soooo.
Aria really showed those bullies back their
She is such an Aria
That girl over there would be bffs with Aria
by no tea no shade no lemonade February 11, 2019
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the most loving and utmost amazing girl you will ever find. she is intelligent, funny, gorgeous, caring and has the best personality that can ever be found. i love her to the moon and back and wouldn't trade the world for her.
"I wish I would've gotten with Aria during track season."
by Her Forever November 11, 2018
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Aria is a gentle, kind, loving, beautiful, fancy, intelligent, an animal lover, a gamer girl and she's very very good at music. An Aria loves to listen to music and is always on her phone, tablet or computer. She has many friends and is very loyal. She is born with blonde hair that turns to brown when she gets older. She was also born with blue eyes. When she was born she had the love for the piano and guitar. She is all ways at the top of her class. And most importantly she is always happy. Of course she has tons of friends too. She's very awesome, cool, loves everything, vaunerable but powerful, loves all her friends and family, and she is the best girl you will ever know. So if you know an Aria your in luck.
Aria is so awesome I want to be like her!
by Music Lover 123 August 18, 2015
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1. Correlated with bring fresh, fly, and fabulous.
2. A term that is used to describe someones strong will, intelligence, creativity and realness.
"The woman was held in contempt due to the lack of Aria in her demeanor.
by cha ching. July 25, 2008
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She is the most special person you will have ever met. No one in the world will make you feel more appreciated and loved than Aria. Once you will have met her, you will never ever want to lose her because she instantly makes your life hundreds of times better and you will regret not meeting her earlier. She is absolutely stunning, and i mean truly beautiful, you will have never seen a person as breath-taking as Aria. She is just so incredible you wont be able to get over her. Falling in love with her is as easy as can be, but falling out of it is impossible. Her magnificent personality will light up every one of your days, leaving you captivated every second of your life with her. Talking to her will instantly make you smile, and i mean really really smile, smiling so uncontrollably you wont even remember when it started. Nothing will bring you more joy than being around her. And if she is your girlfriend, than all I'm gonna say is that you are the luckiest person alive. And you have to make sure that you treasure every single second of being with her.
"Good morning Aria, you look really beautiful today"

" I love you too"

by Nick (Your lover) November 11, 2022
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A very hot persian boy who is awesome in any way. Girls are in love with him and he is so nice. Popular boy of the school because gets along well with everyone that knows him. King of being coolness, handsomeness, behavior, sport, music and king of the world. In general, everyone loves an aria guy and you are so lucky if you are an Aria.
You would be lucky to be an Aria!
by Gaiqmabsu August 17, 2018
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