1. Another term for "ghetto." Except that slums would be used more to describe a metropolitan ghetto rather than a small town ghetto.

2. Originaly used to desribe the ghetto neighborhoods of New York city and Los Angeles.

(also see "hoodlums.")
I had to work real hard to rise up from the slums.
by Legs (Saintt) December 2, 2006
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Michael: where do you live?
Malcolm: I’m from the slums
by thealmightygoat December 10, 2017
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Melbourne slang; when a tram is packed and all of the seats are taken, one has to resort to sitting in the 'slums'. the slums are the steps of the tram near the electric doors.
person 1: shit this tram is packed!!!
person 2: lets just go sit in the slums...
by caseycwistian4lyfe September 7, 2008
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When you're slightly tipsy/buzzed, and you simply refuse to do anything involving physical movement because you just can't be bothered.
Sarah: Hey, you gonna dance?
Joe: Hell no, I'm slummed... you do it...
by Firelovesugar January 11, 2009
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When rich kids go and live in poverty for the experience , to prove they are artists, musicians , for entertainment , feel like they are connected to real life , but usually get money from mom, dad, uncle, to exist. And they can leave it anytime they want and go back to the upper middle class and upper class milieu live off of wealthy parents, relatives, friends . As usual they usually go and work in finance and banking and screw the common people . A song by Pulp called Common People is an example in the lyrics .
How's that old ex rich girlfriend of yours doing ?
2: Well she went slumming it in downtown Detroit . She would run around without any shoes and clothes and give services to johns . She then had her daddy bail her out a few months later . Now she's working as a financier, in derivatives , offshoring, writing loans to people who can't afford the mortgage and the like
by ymouszanon September 16, 2018
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to hang out- or go out with someone on a lesser scale than you
a senior "slumming" a freshman to get some nice tyte pussy wit lil or no hard work

by Anonymous August 31, 2003
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To hang out with someone of much different socialeconomic status usually for the reason of wanting to look cool or to feel more connected with another culture very different from one's upbringing.

Usually there's a reason for such actions -- a bullet on a resume or being seen helping out one's fellow man.
Is that Generation X'er feeling the spirit of volunteering or just slumming with those guys he smokes with on the steps of the Soup Kitchen.

Why's Greg slumming with that fat unemployed single Latino mom? He's got a degree and a good job. Well, he's not over his divorce and he just wants to enjoy something light, fun and very sexual. He says he can talk her into anything. He'll get over her and move back up to someone more his level soon enough.
by Z train March 4, 2006
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