anyone or anything that is smart and/or clever; These are the people who will be your overlords someday
"Wow, I didn't know that I was supposed to use the quadratic formula there, you're smarticles!"

"I know, now bow down to me
by Warhawk_825 November 18, 2009
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(adj) Describing someone/something being smart, smart in nature. Ironically uses incorrect grammar. Usually used in an informal or joking fashion
"The girl read her smarticle answer outloud to the class."
"That was quite a smarticle maneuver, he thought."
by Matchless May 07, 2007
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particles in your body that make you smart; cells that increase your intelligence.
I have more smarticles than you do!
by AllyL April 21, 2010
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noun. the weightless, invisible particulates that orbit the heads of intelligent beings. They roam freely in confined spaces where learning occurs. Although they 'can' exists together smarticales have the tendency to dissapate quickly when too many dumbons (dumb ions) are introduced into the environment.

Excellent people like Aaron Walker have the capacity to carry great amounts of both smarticles and dumbons at the same time! Courtney Hudson Rondo and DR. Nadine cannot have both!
I thought Kenneth had smarticles but obviously I was wrong!
by Genius Idiot Savant December 08, 2010
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The defintion for the word smarticle is a brainy person. So if you're smarticle good on ya haha!
"Hey do you know how to spell encyclopaedia?"

"Yeah. That's easy. It's e-n-c-y-c-l-o-p-a-e-d-i-a."

"Thanks! But how did you know that?"

"That would be because I'm smarticle!!"
by Tayla B July 11, 2008
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