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A way to describe something sharing the same traits as or being as awesome as, a submarine.
by lolicakes March 16, 2011
To experience intensified emotions that include love, need, and wanting close physical contact to satisfy those feelings. Noticeably different then plain lust and attraction. If you indulge in these emotions, without the physical contact or returned love, you will eventually feel empty.
Completely engulfed in her daydreams, she had an emotional orgasm. It felt amaztastic, until reality hit her and she realized she was still alone.
by lolicakes April 4, 2011
The feeling of a good song coursing through your entire body until you...!!! XP
by lolicakes December 2, 2010
The holiest of biscuits, covered in jizz... yummy. Used to express shock or amazement.
by lolicakes September 29, 2010
The state of being confused & puzzled/ paranoid & nervous. Used when one feels so "blah" that they need a new word to describe what they're feeling.
Person1: How are you today?

Person2: Kinda blah..

Person1: Blah?

Person2: I feel confuzzanoivous.
by lolicakes March 12, 2011
When someone constantly changes their chat/profile names to entertain and confuse others.
*person1 is now Barack Obama*
20:07 Barack Obama: I can do some real damage now.

20:07 person2: XD

*person1 is now Jackie Chan*
20:08 Jackie Chan: LOL

*person1 is now Albus Dumbledore*
20:09 Albus Dumbledore: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

*person2 is now Mick Jagger*
20:09 Mick Jagger: :U

*person1 is now Kesha*
20:11 Kesha: we're going to rule the world, dude

20:11 Mick Jagger: XD we can be ANYONE at ANYTIME.

20:11 Kesha: >:3

20:12 Mick Jagger: we're like online shape-shifters o___0

(...and thus online shape-shifting was born)
by lolicakes February 26, 2011
A way to describe an unfortunate situation or event.
*drops iphone* "oh, ughhh.. crap on a cracker!!!" >:(
by lolicakes August 14, 2010